Bilal & Shlomo, Lomo & Lal…

..the adventures of 2 growing cats in northern utah

i’ve been thinking about shlomo’s personality lately. he seems to be the happy-go-lucky type.. not goofy happy-go-lucky, myocarditis but just happy. his purr is louder than all 3 combined, i’ve never heard him growl or hiss, and he’s bound and determined to become close to all of the other cats. even mr alpha-i-hate-all-cats. when i adopted him i wasn’t taken with him like i was bilal, but he quickly found a spot in my heart, and as he’s around longer, that spot is gaining a stonger hold. he’s growing up, but he’s still little. i’d like him to stay this little forever, but i think that would wear me out. i think, though, that when he gets big, he’ll still be happy and purrry. i hope he’s independent too.

here he is, having worked on old-bitty ava:

here he is, working on alpha-growls-and-yells max.


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