Bilal & Shlomo, Lomo & Lal…

..the adventures of 2 growing cats in northern utah

an adventure preview.

bilal had a big adventure wednesday the 13th. here’s a preview (note the cut on his upper lip, medicine it’s surprising that’s all that happened!). i’ll write it out when i have more time.


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One Response to “an adventure preview.”

  1. Miz Robyn says:

    Okay, I’ll admit, he’s awfully gorgeous and clearly has some sass (and perhaps butt-kicking ability), but I still think my Corbie is more beautiful. THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID IT. 😉

    I’d suggest they fight it out for the title of Most Beautiful, but Corbie would probably give up and roll over to expose his belly immediately because fighting is not his forte. He’s a lovah, not a fightah!

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