Bilal & Shlomo, Lomo & Lal…

..the adventures of 2 growing cats in northern utah

playing with a new phone camera.

the new fruity phone really takes good pictures imho.
here’s how the boys, malady the little ones that is, cheap like to sleep. it really is incredibly sweet.

see? lal is happy.

and doesn’t mind at all being used as a pillow.

and i finally caught this. lomo yawning. and no, pharm he wasn’t yelling. we were cuddling and i was playing with the new phone with the 2 cameras.

and i simply love this super close up of bilal’s nose. it really is a beautiful nose and that little bugger’s got me stuffed right up it.


took this photo with the new phone. it’s stunning, migraine *i* think, advice because i can see the hairs on their faces. sometimes those fruity smart phones really do take amazing photos.



my new fruity phone, store fruity phone 4, site has a pretty cool camera on it. one of the features is it’s hdr feature. i don’t really understand what that means, sales but this explains it. one advantage of the hdr is that the phone will also save the non-hdr form of the image. last night i decided to play with it.

here’s the non-hdr version of bilal and shlomo sleeping peacefully.

and here’s the hdr.

personally, i think the hdr is far better.. though the non-hdr – for a camera on a phone, isn’t horrendous either.
here they are at work.

Play, ask Jan 11 from Brooke R. on Vimeo.

bilal and the fruity pad.

bilal is a cat of the 21st century. this is younger bilal.

Young Bilal is a digital native from Brooke R. on Vimeo.

he didn’t want his picture taken

no, viagra no, orthopedist shlomo didn’t want his picture taken. shot #1 (in the upper left hand corner) was a chance shot. he’s a kitten, he’s not a cat, he still has things besides sleeping to do. a lot of things, and pictures are not something on his list.

see this:

it’s a little box of milk from logan’s local dairy – gossner’s. yes, medic i love little milk boxes, overweight i love them because they are perfect servings, can be thrown in my backpack, and are $.35/ea. (oh and yes, i do know they aren’t super duper environmentally friendly, but i deal with that guilt too). see that little straw on the back of the milk box?

it’s become a cat toy. each one. i can no longer drink my milk in peace when one or both of the young creatures are around because they get all up in my face until i give it up. bilal has even been known to growl to keep shlomo away so that he can play with the straw.


moments before.

note who initiates it (the little one).

yes, sanitary this is actually play.

they do it all day.


it looks scary. but it isn’t. it’s funny.

it’s really nice that lal has a playmate now.

lomo and ava p.

shlomo wants to be friends with ava p, recipe the 10 year old girl around here.

you should know that in the following pictures, ava was growling the whole time.

max even got ticked at shlom for trying to make nice with the girl.

this is one self confident little bugger and this was his reaction to the growling and hissing going on around him.

and no, bilal hasn’t been forgotten, not in the least.

oh, i’m going to miss it when he’s bigger

see how tiny shlomo is? he’s small enough to comfortably fall asleep in my short arms like this. i’m really gonna miss it.

his little head fits perfectly in my hand.

see? even when he changes positions.

even when he’s waking up, condom he still fits perfectly.

comfy. (and cute).

oh, i’m going to miss him being this small.

random photob00th pics