Bilal & Shlomo, Lomo & Lal…

..the adventures of 2 growing cats in northern utah

i posted over at love and hisses that while her corbie is beautiful, dentist that my bilal is more so. robyn came over and did a bit of trash talking back, ed but the pointed out that in any competition that corbie would just roll-over because he’s a lover, epilepsy not a fighter.

well, robyn.. bilal would do the same thing.. yeah, he’s a lover, but he’s also just freakin’ goofy and would rather just be goofy and sweet rather than compete about who is more beautiful. here’s photo proof:


and finally (and while i’m at it, i should note, he does this on his own.. he rolls over on his back and looks around, and i’ll come over and stand over him like i am and he just continues to be goofy.)

so, robyn, how about if we just call it a draw? why? because obviously corbie and lalie would prefer it that way.. :).

an adventure preview.

bilal had a big adventure wednesday the 13th. here’s a preview (note the cut on his upper lip, medicine it’s surprising that’s all that happened!). i’ll write it out when i have more time.

new photos, finally.

i captured this today.. the 4 sleeping in a row. amazing that mr. alpha was willing to sleep right next to shlomo-lomo. btw, prescription that’s – from closest to furthest.. old bitty ava p, visit web bilal, troche shlomo, max.

and this. shlomo is growing up. he’s finally starting to rub against my legs as i walk around the apartment. i found him doing this today with his brother bilal.

notice the front leg over bilal like that? i just think that’s adorable. oh, and btw, lal and lomo really are unsepearable.. wherever lal goes, shlomo isn’t far behind. i think it is simply adorable.

shlomo, then shlomo and bilal.

shlomo hung with me for a bit on his own last night after i clipped his claws (he REALLY hates having his claws clipped. i have to wrap his little body in a big ol’ blanket so he doesn’t get out and scratch me).

he’s growing up, hemorrhoids looking less kitten like every day.

he took a wee nap after i clipped his claws.

then he decided to go bat at the tv. i was watching meerkat manor.

then we decided to let bilal in for some play.

of course shloms is the aggressor.

really the aggressor.

until that is, they fall off the bed.

wherein bilal is always the first one to jump back up and watch his little brother diddle around on the ground for awhile until it all starts over again.

have i mentioned i LOVE having kittens around?

pile of cats.

yes, shop i’m in the middle of a huge endurance test.  before i go back to my phd comprehensive exam – i’ve started a section over there —> links to other choice moms – those who are already, or who are like me – ttc.  gotta blog?
while the other 3 were curled up together (awake after i woke them up)

max glared at me over the top of my computer (yes, healing
he was glaring, moments before i took this photo)

i’ve been thinking about shlomo’s personality lately. he seems to be the happy-go-lucky type.. not goofy happy-go-lucky, myocarditis but just happy. his purr is louder than all 3 combined, i’ve never heard him growl or hiss, and he’s bound and determined to become close to all of the other cats. even mr alpha-i-hate-all-cats. when i adopted him i wasn’t taken with him like i was bilal, but he quickly found a spot in my heart, and as he’s around longer, that spot is gaining a stonger hold. he’s growing up, but he’s still little. i’d like him to stay this little forever, but i think that would wear me out. i think, though, that when he gets big, he’ll still be happy and purrry. i hope he’s independent too.

here he is, having worked on old-bitty ava:

here he is, working on alpha-growls-and-yells max.

it’s one of his many talents.

he held this position for 11 seconds until being distracted by outside noises.

playing with the hdr

my new fruity phone, store fruity phone 4, site has a pretty cool camera on it. one of the features is it’s hdr feature. i don’t really understand what that means, sales but this explains it. one advantage of the hdr is that the phone will also save the non-hdr form of the image. last night i decided to play with it.

here’s the non-hdr version of bilal and shlomo sleeping peacefully.

and here’s the hdr.

personally, i think the hdr is far better.. though the non-hdr – for a camera on a phone, isn’t horrendous either.

yes, even old cats are cute and cuddleable.

the new fruity phone really takes good pictures imho.
here’s how the boys, malady the little ones that is, cheap like to sleep. it really is incredibly sweet.

see? lal is happy.

and doesn’t mind at all being used as a pillow.

and i finally caught this. lomo yawning. and no, pharm he wasn’t yelling. we were cuddling and i was playing with the new phone with the 2 cameras.

and i simply love this super close up of bilal’s nose. it really is a beautiful nose and that little bugger’s got me stuffed right up it.

the old bitty, health

see? cute.

that alpha man maxthenew river (max)

beautiful boy.

he forgets, he was little once too (here, at 9 weeks).

early morning ava p. with someone dearly loved and deeply missed (my dad).